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Because Poverty Has a Finish Line

$3,830 towards $3,000

I love running. Mainly, I love running for something bigger than myself. Soles4Souls is my bigger. They help people seemingly stuck in poverty reach poverty's finish line. And that's big.

This summer, we'll be participating in The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000K.

Starting May 1, we'll have until August 31 to run the 1000K (621 miles) from one corner of Tennesse to the other. And hey, if we have time, there's even an option to turn around and run back.

Along the way, we'll be trying to build support for the work Soles4Souls is doing to end poverty around the world.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 for Soles4Souls. One dollar for each kilometer. Hey, we're optimistic about this whole turning around and coming back thing!

Somehow, when I changed my mind about running, running changed my mind. It changed my mind and then my heart and then finally - it changed how I experience the people around me.

Today, that's running to me. Every stride, a step into a journey to better love the people around me.

In November 2018, my running journey led me to Buddy Teaster, CEO of Soles4Souls. Buddy made me believe something I hadn't always believed.

He made me believe even though poverty is a long and challenging race, it does have a finish line.

It wasn't lost on me that shoes are behind that finish line. Much like a single pair of running shoes carried me to a marathon finish line I thought was impossible, Soles4Souls uses shoes to carry people across finish lines they think are impossible.

Through the miracle of shoes, Soles4Souls is disrupting the cycle of poverty.

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