Robert Cartwright
Robert Cartwright's Fundraiser

Help me raise funds to travel to Honduras with Soles4Souls!

I found a miracle in my first pair of running shoes. Now I want to extend that miracle to others. You can help.

$1,400 towards $2,000

In his book Born to Run, Christopher McDougall discovers there's "some kind of connection between the capacity to love and the capacity to love running.

Today, that's running to me. Every stride, a step into a journey to grow my capacity to love.

Much like a single pair of running shoes carried me to a marathon finish line I thought was impossible, Soles4Souls uses shoes to carry people across finish lines they think are impossible.

Through the miracle of shoes, Soles4Souls is disrupting the cycle of poverty. I believe this trip to Honduras will allow me to experience and extend and share that miracle in powerful ways.